I’d like to officially welcome to the “I’ve learned something the hard way” club if you’ve ever, in any circumstance, learned something the hard way.

Now, in order to be part of this club, we do have a few bylaws that all members are held accountable to:

✔ You must have personally learned through something hard
✔ You must be able to recognize that you got through it and celebrate that victory
✔ You must be willing to share the wisdom you learned along the way

If you can confidently say YES to all 3 of those bylaws, then we’d like to officially induct you into our club today!

In order to stay an active member of our club, we do require an annual assessment – to ensure that you are still actively learning through life, and that you are practicing being transparent with those you’re called to influence.

And, it’s our hope and vision that you will be actively recruiting members to join throughout your term. Sharing IS caring, after all – help others avoid the pain you went through learning it the hard way. And, let us not forget – the enemy is defeated by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.

Wisdom isn’t meant to die with you. Give it away freely. It’s not up to you whether people implement it or not (and sometimes they frustratingly will not), but it IS up to you whether or not you share it. So, share it!