How many times have I witnessed pure love? Countless times.

I was at a wedding last night, and got to thinking “how many weddings have I been to in my life?” I honestly couldn’t recall. Dozens for sure. But the exact number? Unknown.

But then that got me thinking about how many times I’ve witnessed pure love.

Between all the weddings, engagements (FOUR this week alone), parents with their kids, strangers with strangers, puppies playing together, etc….

I’ve witnessed pure love countless times in my life. And I’m just one person. With one vantage point. In only one physical place at a time. With just one set of eyes. One heart.

Friends, that’s SO ENCOURAGING!! Love is truly happening all around us! And even with all the ick that happens, too, let us not forget about or deny the love that truly exists.

If you’ve ever seen someone set free from an addiction, or walking through forgiveness, or experiencing a new lease on life after hitting rock bottom, you’ve gotten to see pure Love in action.

God = pure Love. So, when you see freedom and joy and victory over fear, you’re witnessing God at work.

It’s not just the lovey-dovey moments where we see husband and wife look adoringly into one another’s eyes (although, that’s very precious!), it’s the culmination of moments we never saw that resulted in the breakthrough we did finally get to witness.

Love isn’t just a momentary thing.

It’s not just floating by and you either catch it or you don’t.

It’s not limited to romantic relationships.

Love is liberating, it’s big, and it’s all around us. Can you see it? Do you hear it? Love is calling YOU. Are you willing to answer?