Bit by bit.

There’s a time and a place to take a giant leap and go for it, no holds barred – but there’s also wisdom in taking it one step at a time, bit by bit, and not setting yourself up for cram-mode.

Have you heard of #75hard? It’s a hardcore way to improve your multi-faceted life, and it’s got incredibly clear guidelines on what counts along the journey. One of which is drinking a gallon of water each day.

Now, if you’re not much of a water drinker, that may really send you into a tailspin. But here’s the thing, our bodies are actually equipped to be hydrated, and to be able to handle moving that much water successfully through from start to finish.

BUT, we have to give it a fighting chance, and chugging a gallon of water all at once just before bed seems like an awful way to prepare for bedtime ? unless you enjoy stomach aches and getting up to pee every 30 minutes. In which case, by all means.

I’m personally partial to a different approach in this case, which is bit by bit.

One sip at a time.

Set alarms to remind you throughout the day.

Drink your water and move along.

There are so many ways to hit goals, and if drinking a gallon of water each day is yours, then both of the aforementioned approaches will work. But one of them is more optimal, effective, and easier on your body than the other – not to mention, a lot less stress-inducing than forcing a gallon of water into it ? Just because you can, doesn’t mean it’s wise to do so.

“Don’t abuse your stomach because you will need it for quite a long time.” – Jonathan Cheng

This applies across all areas in life!

Bit by bit can be every bit as effective as the “go hard or go home!” approach.

? David Shirley