I had a moment this morning where I was brought to tears.

Now, I’m no stranger to crying and experiencing emotions, so it’s not like the tears were particularly surprising, but *what* brought me to tears caught me a bit by surprise.

It really hit me this morning – we never truly know the impact we can have on people.

☀️ And this morning, I caught a glimpse. 

I unexpectedly received a message from some friends, who shared with me a takeaway someone had shared with them, that they had received from one of the interviews in my Abundant Wife project.

If you’ve not heard about Abundant Wife, I interviewed nearly 60 Abundant Wives, and learned from their wisdom – and season one of these interviews was just released, so YOU can get access to this wealth of wisdom (www.abundantwife.com).

What stood out to me in receiving that message, and why it struck me so profoundly, is because it’s like the project became real before my very eyes.

It’s actually impacting people!

It’s not just something I hope impacts people – it IS impacting people.

It’s really happening ???

This one person was impacted.
Which impacts their marriage.
Which impacts their family.
Which impacts their community.
Which impacts their city….state…..country……

You see where I’m going with this. We can never truly know the ripple effect of our actions.

And, it doesn’t have to be some grandiose thing to have an impact.

Here’s how this played out:

? This particular wife I interviewed was living her regular life, learning things in her marriage
? She then generously shared that wisdom with me in our interview
? I got to release season one (where her interview is featured) last week
? My friends shared it with their friends
? One of those friends of my friends had a takeaway, that they shared with my friends, who then shared it with me

It’s pretty cool to get to learn about the impact you’re getting to have!

If I can encourage you, if YOU have been impacted by someone in some way, LET THEM KNOW!

And, if I can encourage you again (?), go grab season one of Abundant Wife (www.abundantwife.com).

I’m confident you’ll hear wisdom that is applicable, whatever season of marriage you’re in (single gals, it’s for you, too)!

And if you do, and you have a takeaway, I’d love to hear it ? it’s more impactful than you know!