YO VOTE (yeah, you)! As a PROUD AMERICAN (and San Diegoian) I am going to use my freedom of speech (thank you, founding fathers, for drafting up a constitution that stands for FREEDOM), to encourage ALL of you to get out and vote!

There are so many excuses people throw around about why they don’t, and every single one of them is LAME. Laaaaaaammmme ? and then do you notice that these are often the same people who are so vocal about what they hate in politics? Ummm…YOU could actually affect change, if you so choose…?‍♀️ Don’t be part of the problem and noise. BE the solution. BE the change.

? You don’t have to be political to vote.
? You don’t have to be running for office to vote.
? You don’t have to have kids to vote for a better future.
? You don’t have to love everything about a candidate to trust them to do the job you’re voting them into.
? You don’t have to tell anyone who you voted for.
? You don’t have to WANT to vote to be responsible and do it anyway.
? You don’t have to wait until things get awful before you decide to speak up.
? You don’t have to pretend it’s your favorite thing to pull out your pen and put your vote where your mouth is.

This is not the time to sit back and watch things unfold. This is the time to stand up and make things happen.

Get out and VOTE!!! If you’re not yet registered, it’s not too late. Make time for it TODAY. Get involved, and get your vote in!

And if you’re like “I don’t know who to vote for” or “Ugh, it takes so much time to research and see what everyone stands for” or “I really don’t want to have to learn about all of these candidates and figure it out” I have a voter’s guide resource for you (if you want to vote based on Biblical values). No one’s perfect, but some are less demonically-inclined than others, and those are the ones I’m gonna vote for ?