If “avoiding” were an Olympic sport, I’m confident I would have medaled many times over in my life ????#HumbleBrag????

Oh. My. Gosh. The PAIN that comes from avoiding something is SO NOT WORTH IT!

That conversation you know needs to happen? Have it.
That project you need to finish (or perhaps, even start)? Do it.
That emotional wound you have that’s festering? Heal it.
That call you need to make? Make it.

There is NOTHING that gets better, healed, completed, resolved, handled, etc. by avoiding it.

This post was prompted because yesterday I had to initiate a conversation that I was nervous to have ????

It’s been on my mind for a few weeks, and I secretly was hoping someone else would bring it up, but no one else did.

Soooo…I took it upon myself, typed up a little note to get the convo started, shared it with them yesterday evening, and received a wonderful response today!

Honestly, the best possible outcome that could have happened, did.

I could have continued thinking about it, growing a little bit more stress from it each passing day, and avoiding it…

BUT, let me tell you – don’t do what I did the last few weeks! What a WASTE of energy and brain space! Ugh.

Have the convo.
Do the project.
Heal the wound.
Make the call.

Being the Olympic Avoidance Champion is NOT a title to brag about ????

Trust me.

Grow your strength in facing things head on – that’s a medal of honor worth earning!