I used to work with a gal who called her friends (and clients) “cutie” and “babe” and “honey” and the like, and I judged her every time ????

I thought “that’s SO unprofessional!” and “they have NAMES, you know!!” ????

But what was really happening was….I WAS JEALOUS! ????

I envied that she was free enough to just be herself!!

She was very lovey dovey, full of hugs, and always had a smile at the ready!

I, on the other hand, was reserved, uncomfortable, and self-conscious.

I grew up greeting adults with “Mr.” or “Mrs.” and their last name.
I grew up shaking hands and looking people in the eye.
I grew up learning what it meant to “be professional.”

None of these are bad things. In fact, I had a really great upbringing ????

BUT, I learned how to fit into a mold. The problem was, the mold didn’t fit me.

It wasn’t a mold that was forced upon me with spoken expectations, but it was one I perceived was necessary to “make it” in this world and get people’s approval (which was of utmost importance to me at the time).

Can I just tell you…? Breaking the mold is so much more fun than being squished into one that doesn’t fit ????

I just got a voice note from a colleague, and she signed off with “all the smooches” and I just know I’ve found my people ????

Be your wonderful self, and know that the unspoken expectations of others don’t need to define how you live your life.