I had *such* a random thought the other day, and it’s partly entertaining and partly thought-provoking.

Just as there are no sharks in the desert sand, there are no scorpions in the ocean.

And, even though they exist, our chances of encountering one are slim. Being injured by one even slimmer. And killed by it? Barely conceivable.

Yet we can spend so much time frantically stressing about the “sharks” and “scorpions” that we forget to even consider our environment and all the unlikeliness that we’ll ever be bitten or stung, let alone killed.

Sometimes we get so stressed out about “sharks” that we have lost sight of the fact that we’re in the desert sand and sharks literally aren’t a thing there.

Scorpions don’t exist in the ocean, so stop fretting about them!

And, to take it a layer deeper, stop being in defense mode all the time. It’s not always necessary. While you’re in the desert, enjoy the stillness. While you’re in the ocean, enjoy the expansiveness.

Stop wasting your time and energy looking for sharks and scorpions.

They’re not worth it. Use those detective skills to find the good and plan a solid offense!