Growth and Grace ??? God gave me this name back in 2016, and it’s been an ever-expanding foundation of how I live my life, with grace being especially front and center for me lately.

Growth wasn’t a concept I was actively aware of and seeking until probably my late twenties, if I’m being really honest with myself. Did I grow before then? Absolutely, yes! But was I intentionally seeking it out? Not in many areas…

And grace? Forget about it ?‍♀️ I was so judgmental of others, and had zero tolerance for anything that wasn’t exactly the Susan way (this made all the more difficult given that I didn’t know what “the Susan way” was until it was missed).

And receiving grace? Nope. I wasn’t about that, either.

If the other person, the situation, the experience, or myself wasn’t up to snuff, then it was a lost cause. Threw a lot of babies out with the bath water in those days.

You can imagine how difficult life is to maneuver through when nothing and no one is “up to par” (including yourself) and there’s no grace extended.

Painful, to say the least. And everything is dragged out sooooo much longer than necessary because you’re operating as a stick in the mud, refusing to move, and simultaneously refusing to admit that you need to move. (“you” here = I?‍♀️?‍♀️)

You know what’s so much better? Growth and grace.

They’re actually a wonderful pair! Growth is messy and awkward and big (and totally worth it), and grace can help temper it (and can certainly help temper a temper if the other person/people involved haven’t yet accessed growth or grace???).

Mary Poppins might refer to it as the metaphorical spoonful of sugar. And, Mary ain’t no fool!

Let’s all keep growing and enjoy a little sweetness (grace) while we’re at it! They pair together like fine wine and cheese ??

? by Miriam Figueroa