I’m grateful to have many incredible people in my life who I can go to for wisdom ?

But I don’t go to all of them for all the things.

I go to each of them for the area they are thriving in.

Some people thrive in multiple areas, so I can go to them for multiple things.

And there are some people I go to for just one area in particular.

▶️There are people I go to for spiritual wisdom who I wouldn’t approach with business questions.
▶️There are people I go to for business wisdom who I wouldn’t take fashion advice from.
▶️There are people I go to for relational wisdom who I wouldn’t go to for cultural knowledge.
▶️There are people I go to for political wisdom who I wouldn’t approach for help with my health.

You have to ask yourself “does this person I’m listening to have authority on this subject they’re speaking on right now?”

Our culture today has *royally* screwed this up ? and their idea of “authority” is “they have a lot of followers” or “I saw them in a movie once” or “they drive a fancy car, so…”

Folks, wisdom is not determined by the amount of followers, or accolades, or the type of car someone drives.

Show me someone who’s walked through a hard thing and come out victorious, and now we’re talkin’. That’s someone I’m more apt to listen to because they’ve LIVED out what they’re talking about. They have wisdom (experience) and not just advice (words).

Listen to people who walk the walk, and not just people who are caught up in promoting whatever XYZ agenda they’re getting paid the most for ?

❓ Why would you listen to someone who’s never before engaged in politics tell you how you should vote?
❓ Why would you listen to someone who’s never successfully run a business tell you how to successfully run a business?
❓ Why would you listen to someone who burns bridges in every relationship tell you how to be in a relationship?
❓ Why would you listen to someone who’s constantly in a struggle with their health tell you what you need to do to be healthy?

WAKE UP and stop listening to the noise. Don’t drown in advice.

Check their track record ✅

If it’s riddled with destruction and brokenness where it matters, then don’t take their advice.

Anyone can give advice. Far fewer people can offer wisdom.

Wisdom will bring life. Advice can bring destruction.

Always look at the source and don’t just take people blindly at their words (advice).

Seek wisdom. Wisdom is where it’s at ?

If the person you’re going to doesn’t have it, then go somewhere else.

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