Friends! I broke through this board yesterday with my bare hands ? (#NOTaLazySusan) and I’m committed to not believing this lie about myself any longer! I am also committed to setting myself up for an incredible 2019, and I am requesting your support below!

Who do I know who….

***has done MODELING? And what are your favorite agencies to work with? I am going to be submitting pictures and exploring what that looks like, and I would appreciate personal recommendations if you have any!

***has done a TED TALK or regularly speaks from stages? I would like to connect with you about creating my signature talk around Joy and Overcoming Depression with gratitude. What are your best tips for me? I’m going to have this done by the end of the month

***also has a FITNESS GOAL they are going to accomplish by the end of 2018? I’m doing my proper push-up before the end of this year, and would love to have people to celebrate with and have accountability with between now and then!

***wants to HIRE ME? What you may not know is that as of recently, I am available for full-time employment! I excel at training teams to work successfully together, communicate effectively, and hit goals on an individual and team basis (i.e. think onboarding and success coaching)! I will be applying for jobs and creating some easy-to-refer-me resources on my website, as well as reaching out to several of you individually to request referrals. Figured I’d give you a heads up ?