? You’re planning to celebrate, have a great time with friends, and ring in the New Year…and you’re also planning to have a hangover the next day? ? Premeditated pain. Sounds quite miserable, and so unnecessary.

I’m not pushing any health products ? or trying to have you reevaluate how you’re living your life – but I am, admittedly, wanting you to ponder your plans if they match the aforementioned example ?

Here’s my angle:

? You don’t have to order a drink just because others are
? You don’t have to keep getting refills if you do order a drink
? You don’t have to keep drinking, even if someone hands you a drink
? You don’t have to only drink alcohol (amazing what some food and water mixed in and amongst your drinks can do to help alleviate the impact of alcohol)
? You don’t have to drink so much that you black out
? You don’t have to miss out on any fun by not drinking
? You don’t have to ruin the following day by having a hangover (you can still relax and veg out, without the ill effects of a headache, sluggishness, and sick feeling)

Something to consider ?

Plus, it saves money on the bar tab, and allows you to access your creativity (and the bartender’s) by coming up with a non-alcoholic drink options ?

And, if you don’t believe you can control your alcohol intake, let this be your invitation to seek help ?

Life is so much sweeter when it’s not being controlled by outside things ?