We’ve all heard that this is a fabricated holiday, just created to make money for flower shops, card companies, and chocolate brands.

But there’s no question that it highlights an ache that’s there all year ‘round for us singles.

Here’s the thing – it’s not like I’m *only* aware that I’m single on Valentine’s Day.

This day isn’t technically different than any other day, per se.

? I’ve experienced many “14ths” of many months ?
? This isn’t my first February ?
? Daily I see couples loving on each other, right in plain sight ?
? Chocolate steals attention on more than just this day each year ?
? It’s not just on Valentine’s Day that I look forward to getting to love on my man!! ?

This holiday may be “fabricated,” but it’s very real, also.

If you are IN a relationship, I have a favor to ask (well, a few, actually)…

? Please appreciate your person.
? Please work through things.
? Please ask for forgiveness.
? Please go first.
? Please let go of the past.
? Please cherish what you have.

As someone who is so much looking forward to being in this sacred covenant relationship with my husband (yes, even with ALL the challenges that brings), I’d like to share with you that there’s an extra twist of the knife to watch you have something so dear, and then hear you complain about it.

I’m not naïve to the fact that there are relationships that are wildly unhealthy and abusive, and I’m not dismissing those.

But, if you’re simply going through a rough patch, choose to forgive, extend grace, and move forward in love! It’s not worth staying stuck, so humble yourself and apologize.

Don’t let this be a Valentine’s Day that was crappy and laced with disappointment.

Start with love, end with love ?

I believe it will be worth it for you. But even if you’re not seeing why you should bother at the moment, do it as a favor for us singles ? by way of celebrating this special day with a special someone, for those of us who don’t get to yet.

Happy Valentine’s Day (eve)!!

Cheers to this being the BEST one yet!

I’m sure looking forward to joining in the romantic celebration when it’s my turn ?