? “I choose you, Satan.”
? “I choose inexplicable health issues.”
? “I choose tension.”
? “I choose random bouts of anxiety.”
? “I choose nightmares.”

This is effectively what you’re saying each time you
✅ remember someone with resentment
✅ recall an instance with bitterness
✅ vow to never forgive someone because of what they did

It sounds so extreme when you put it in context, but the aforementioned things are some of the most common “side effects” (aka symptoms) of unforgiveness.

I see it all the time in ministry. People have all of these “random” internal hardships, and wayyyyy more often than not, it stems from unforgiveness ☠️

⏸️ Maybe you need to forgive another person.
⏸️ Maybe the person you need to forgive is yourself.
⏸️ Maybe you need to forgive an entity (i.e. the place you worked that screwed you over).
⏸️ Maybe you need to forgive God.
⏸️ Maybe you need to let go of the past (which you can’t change), once and for all.

In any case, YOU have to make that choice. You’re either choosing freedom, or you’re choosing bondage. It’s fully up to you.

? When YOU choose to live with unforgiveness, YOU are the one who suffers.
? When YOU refuse to let someone or something go, YOU are refusing health to flow into your life.
? When YOU constantly ruminate on ways you were wronged, and situations that went horribly, YOU are inviting Satan in to attack your life, your health, and ultimately your sanity.
? When YOU decide that they just don’t deserve it, YOU are creating a terribly toxic environment for yourself to live in.

❗❗ What THEY did, has ZERO to do with how YOU choose to respond. ❗❗

Their actions very well may have been hurtful, spiteful, manipulative, conniving, maybe even maniacal. That’s on them. They need healing, too.

It’s no question that their behavior impacted you, but it doesn’t have to control you any longer.

YOU don’t need to carry it around any longer.

@#&*% is meant to be flushed, not hoarded ?

? Let that @#&*% go!