Sometimes, self care looks like this:
▪🛁a midday bath (approx. 103° F)
▪📚a book (“The Richest Man in Babylon” on Kindle)
▪🕯a candle (Island Nectar)
▪🐱a cat (Cashmere)
▪🥤a crisp diet coke (Coca-Cola)
This afternoon was one of those times for me. And boy oh boy was it delightful!
I’d like to take a moment, if you’ll indulge me, to bust some #MYTHS about self care. Those are as follows:
👎Myth #1 = It’s only to be done after you’re done with all your work
👎Myth #2 = It’s just for evenings and weekends
👎Myth #3 = It’s only for when you’re feeling down and out
👎Myth #4 = It has to look just like this.
Here are some #FACTS about self care:
👍Fact #1 = Self care is an awesome way to break up a long (or short!) work day
👍Fact #2 = It can be done ANYtime
👍Fact #3 = Self care can absolutely help when you’re feeling low AND when you’re feeling great!
👍Fact #4 = It can look however you dang well please!
I was already having a delightful day, full of fun projects and client calls, and I decided that I also wanted to enjoy some self care. So….I did 😉 We really can have it all – it just looks different for each person!
Give yourself the gift of taking some time to breathe and enjoy life 🧖‍♀️ we’re not designed to grind all the time. And I would argue that women especially are not designed to operate in “grind mode” for extended periods of time 😝
Pause. Breathe. Take even 2 minutes to listen to a peaceful song and focus on gratitude. I promise it’ll make a difference!
Okay, back to my day. Time to work on my mom’s birthday gift!! 🎁