You HAVE to ease up on the comparison.

She didn’t marry YOUR husband. 

She didn’t take YOUR job. 

She didn’t get pregnant with YOUR baby. 

She isn’t living out YOUR promise. 

God is bigger than that.

He doesn’t just have one baby to give, or one method of provision, or one perfect mate for everyone but you. He’s got more than enough. He’s abundant. And He’s good!

Her win is NOT a loss for you.

You HAVE to stop measuring your life up against anyone else’s – you’re not living anyone else’s life.

You can ONLY live YOUR life. No one else’s.

You can only make YOUR decisions. No one else’s.

You can only adjust YOUR thoughts. No one else’s.

Each of us is responsible for only OUR OWN LIFE and God has blessings-a-plenty to give.

Stop wasting time wishing for their blessings, their relationship, their job, their baby, their promise, their __________.

Start thanking God for yours and watch them all unfold before your very eyes!