Well well well, guess what’s coming UP?!

My BIRTHDAY! #36 is right around the corner, and I have exactly one month to plan my most epic one yet!

And here’s what I’ve realized about myself over the years – I used to be so judgy towards myself when I heard about other people’s rad adventures, and how my life felt so BLAH because I wasn’t skydiving and bungee jumping and jet-setting all over the place.

But the freedom came in when I realized that those kinds of adventures don’t call to me. I don’t feel pulled towards adrenaline-rushing activities, and I honestly don’t have a travel bug.

I used to see myself as lame because I wasn’t doing the aforementioned activities. But now, now I see a gift in being able to enjoy even the most simple of experiences, in the most mundane environments.

The warmth on my skin as the sun beams through the window while I enjoy a coffee.

The strut of a little puppy dog as it clumsily toddles to and fro on its walk.

The fresh breeze whispering through palm trees on a hot day.

The uncontrollable laughter when something just really strikes your funny bone.

All of it. I enjoy all of it, and not one of those would (likely) be considered epic.

These last few years have been about embracing who I AM, not who I think I should be, and I think that’s part of the reason I always look forward to getting older! It’s like an invisible marker that I’m closer to home within.

It gets better each year and I expect this year to be no different!

Happy one-month-until-my-BIRTHDAY to you!

Cheers to this being the BEST ONE YET!