Oh the joys of being a grown up ? This is a dear diary moment if there ever was one LOL! You’ll have to peek below to see what I mean.

Long story short, I bought the blue broom 3 years ago when I moved to San Diego. I went to stock up on all the basics and this was the only broom they had. I didn’t think much of the handle length at the time, but once in a while I noticed I had to hunch to use it.

Why is it that sometimes it takes us years to have the light bulb ? moment with stupid simple things?! ?‍♀️ well, my light bulb moment hit me last week when I was sweeping and thought “oh my gosh this handle is so short and my back hates this and I wish I had a different broom!!” Y’all. 3 years of sweeping and it *just* hit me ?

Enter Amazon. I popped on and ordered this new red beauty ? in no time flat and now she’s here ? Sweeping never felt so good! I believe this is considered peak “adulting” ?

All this said, sometimes it’s the simplest actions that can bring about such joy ? What’s that simple action for you today? What are you going to change that’s been a pain? What’s a recent light bulb moment that caused you to shift something?

The red broom is my new one, with a proper handle!