? LADIES – if you’re feeling a bit lackluster about your life right now, I have some questions for you…if you’re willing to go there with me ?

❓Do you have an area in life (or more than one) that doesn’t look how you want it to look?

❓Do you wish you had more friends you could do life with?

❓Are you triggered when people ask you if there’s anyone special in your life (aka “the dating question”)?

❓Is there a dream in your heart that you want to be living, but it just hasn’t been getting your attention (for whatever reason)?

❓Do you find yourself muttering “must be nice…” with a pang of sadness when yet another friend announces some exciting news in her life and you’re just……living the “same old same old” (nothing really terrible, but nothing really exciting) life?

❓Does the question “so, what’s new with you?” cause you to feel ashamed because there really isn’t anything genuine to answer with?

✅If you answered YES to ANY (or all) of these questions, first of all, BRAVO for being honest! Secondly, you’re not alone.

?‍♀️In fact, I share all of these because I have felt literally every single one of them, and I so wish there had been a way to address these heartaches that wasn’t some cookie cutter ? “fix your life in ten easy steps” kind of program.

?‍♀️I didn’t want to sign up for a group program, and I didn’t really know what kind of coach I needed. Was it even a coach? Was it a therapist? Was it counseling? Maybe a mentor?

?I just knew I wanted help. I knew I’d tried what I knew to try and it wasn’t working. I knew I was banging my head against the wall trying to fix something that I couldn’t clearly identify. And I knew I didn’t want to keep living the “same old same old” life.

?I wanted to freaking LOVE my life. I wanted to genuinely feel like a Successful Babe. I wanted to have flourishing friendships, things I looked forward to, tangible growth taking place, an eager anticipation for what’s coming up, and a genuine excitement for my life!

?I wanted to kick “blah” to the curb, once and for all, and welcome in the Vision Board Life I look at every day!

?This is precisely why created The Successful Babe Spritzer Experience. This VIP experience will be focused solely on YOU, your dreams, and honing in on things you can shift to start living that vision board life right now!

?We’ll spend time together, just the two of us, and vision together about the dreamiest life you can imagine. And then we’ll actually lay out a plan for you to get there.

?Fun AND functional. A refreshing, invigorating new take on your life.

?Imagine the sound of a chilled soda can cracking open on a hot day. It’ll be THAT – but for your life (not just your taste buds – although there IS delicious food included in the experience, too)!

?Interested? I’d imagine so, if you’re still reading. So here’s your next step >> ?Email me here if you want to connect about this, and I’ll be in touch!

?If you’re ready to stop living “blah” and start living refreshed, on purpose, and like the Successful Babe that you are, then I highly suspect this is your best next step.