I was gonna write something about my ? husband with this picture ? and how I’ve gotta keep my stunner shades on ’cause our future’s lookin’ bright ?

But, first, y’all already hear about him a lot, so I’ll give you a break ? and second, when I looked at the picture and how I was in the shade, but looking towards the sun, my mind went to something else… something that’s very weighty for me right now ?

It’s been an interesting last few months in my life ?

Interesting in that while there have been highs and lows, they hit differently than they used to.

Interesting in that while I genuinely love my life, more than ever I’ve been experiencing a deep *knowing* that there’s so much more ↗️ I can’t think of a time when I didn’t want to step more fully into life, but it’s only been recently that those massive visions I have for my life actually seem possible ?

It’s wildly exciting ? …. and also very ? …stretchy. I’ve been getting very familiar with discomfort, being triggered, and feeling less energetic than normal. Not my favorite, but I believe it’s preparing me to be able to handle the capacity necessary for a BIG life ?

Stretching from a great life (i.e. “in the shade”) to a phenomenal life (i.e. “in the perfectly warm sunshine of a Spring evening”) is not for the faint of heart ?

? I know it will be worth it. And I’m here for it. But phew! Walking in BIG belief is a whole different experience than walking with big hopes of being able to believe.

☝ I know that’s an interesting trail to follow, but go with me. I lived for many years of my life ?hoping that I might someday be able to believe for an incredible life – but never really thinking it was possible for me.

? And now here I am actually living it (a culmination of many years and small, intentional daily actions), and it’s just such an intriguingly different type of energy output than what it used to be.

It’s more output, but it’s coming from a healthy place vs. what used to be small/exhausting output that was coming from insecurities ?

It’s output that pours into ? vision vs. what used to be output that was begging ? for help to not drown in despair.

It’s output that forges a trail vs. what used to be output that dug me deeper and deeper into going nowhere ?

Friends, growth is worth it.
✅It’s worth the discomfort.
✅It’s worth stepping into the unknown.
✅It’s worth needing to lay down past thoughts and picking up new mindsets.
✅It’s worth stepping out of the comfort of the familiar shade and basking in the sunlight ☀️

Go after it!