2022 was a year of “this isn’t how I thought this was gonna go” ? and I have a suspicion that 2023 is going to be more of that…but in a new light.

You see, I let myself be under the impression that some significant things were going to take place IN 2022, but what actually happened is that I was simply further prepared for said things, but those things didn’t actually happen.

Not the *most* fun I’ve ever had, but well worth it!

A very tangible representation of this was in late December, as I flew up to visit my family, and I was stuck on the tarmac while they de-iced the plane ❄️ Time after time. And then once more, for good measure.

❓ Annoying? A bit. I had places to go and people to see.
❓ Inconvenient? Sure. It meant a 1:00am bedtime instead of the previously planned 9:00pm lights out.
❓ Desired? I’ll tell ya’, it wasn’t something I thought to desire until I was in the midst of it, and then it turned into a desire.
❓ Necessary? Absolutely YES. I’d rather fly on a plane that’s been properly maintained, fueled up, and de-iced than one they just flew off in, fingers crossed.

The preparation time is pertinent, IF you want to properly enjoy the blessings when they come to you!

So, while I suspect this will be another year of “this isn’t how I thought this was gonna go” ? I get to come at it from a new angle now. Now, I’m expecting things to not go how I thought they would, but in the best way possible ?

? In the “this could only have happened because God’s hand is all over it!” kind of way.
? In the “all of the preparation has been well worth it!” kind of way.
? In the “God’s ways are higher than my ways” kind of way.

2023. I don’t know what you’ll hold, but I know I’m prepared for it. And I’m ready for God to surprise me!

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” Ephesians 3:20

If you look back over all of my vision boards, you’ll notice a lot of the same themes through the years.

✨ Visions I still have because they haven’t come to pass yet.
✨ Visions that have danced between crystal clear and barely visible through the years.
✨ Visions that represent all different areas of life.
✨ Visions that are both exciting to me, and terrifying.
✨ Visions that seem entirely possible and extremely unlikely at the same time.
✨ Visions I desire at such a deep level that they can’t help but become reality.

Ya’ll already know the main one (heyyyyy, hubby ?), and I still have visions for fitness, business, life, etc…but I made my vision board simpler this year. Still believing for #allthethings, and I’m not gonna stop until they’re here!

If you’re believing for something, KEEP BELIEVING for it

How fun it will be to celebrate when you’re living in the reality of your dreams ?

2023, here we come!!

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