Welp 🤔 Hmmm… not how I thought that would go….
🤪Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned
🤦‍♀️Sometimes people misunderstand you
🥴Sometimes you take a misstep
😬Sometimes you get caught at an awkward moment
🙊Sometimes what you say unintentionally hurts someone
ğŸ˜ŽSometimes you are livin’ large
😅Sometimes you’re barely scraping by
🙃Sometimes you keep hoping ğŸ¤ž things will go one way while they’re actively going another
😄Sometimes you’re the only one laughing at your (really funny!) jokes
🤓Sometimes you totally geek out on something and unknowingly captivate those around you with your delight
😟Sometimes you get kicked in the metaphorical nuts
👩Sometimes you get rejected because of what you stand for, but instead of that knocking you down, it actually strengthens your convictions!
☝️That happened to me today. And while part of it stung (because, let’s be real, rejection is 🤮), most of it felt great because I can recognize how much I’ve grown 👍 I can acknowledge myself for not crumbling, folding under pressure, and succumbing to old “people pleaser” tendencies. I can stand proud because I honored my integrity and my value ğŸ’Ž
⚠️You are not for everyone.
But you are always for THE ONE 💝 He created you with purpose, in His perfect image, and with a unique identity and worth in Him 🥰 God wanted you. He created the universe, the creatures, the seas and the Heavens…
Whether you run side by side with Him, towards Him, or away from Him – HE LOVES YOU! You are cherished!