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Show up AF

👏👏👏 Show up AF 👏👏👏 “As a friend” guys 😉 show up AS A FRIEND. When your friends are celebrating something, or trying to get the word out about something, or asking for prayer for something, or attempting a new thing, SHOW UP for them! …


Hot off the press

Well, my girl did it again! @xotiffanynicole has her new devotional coming out, and it’s my joy to see any of my girls thriving – it’s especially sweet when *their* thriving causes others to thrive! This devotional is beautifully written and designed to help us …


Jealousy will getcha

Do you know how many women I’ve been jealous of over the years? Untold numbers. It’s been around everything from friendships they have to their homes to experiences they’ve shared about to their relationship status to how they interact with and hear from God. All …