Proudly wearing my “Miss At Home Fitness” sash ? My ? trainer unfortunately sustained an injury ? so my training has been paused for the time being. To stay on track, today I combined my bands and my desire to try out the #hyperlapse feature on my new phone…and this is what we got from it ?

Here are the exercises in order, using my “heavy” band from my light/medium/heavy set. I did 1 set, 10 reps of each exercise, and you can definitely increase or decrease per your preference. I made some of these up and don’t know the official titles ? Everything mentioned below can be found in this IG post, so you can actually watch the comedy unfold.

1 – posed still shot for this post

2 – seated row

3 – forward press

4 – arm raises

5 – outward arm extensions

6 – shoulder descensions

7 – bicep curls

8 – tricep kickbacks

9 – criss-cross arm raises

10 – squatted single-arm press

I don’t know how to use this camera feature and thought it would show the full set each time so you could somewhat see form, but no ?‍♀️ This is not going to give you the details as much as it’s an overview and gives you some ideas ?

And, if you’re looking for some additional ways to loosen up that strong body of yours, I recommend this “Loosen Up Stretch Guide” from my Etsy shop!