? Sometimes I forget that I have an Etsy shop.

It started back in 2010 when I launched my ? jewelry line, Sizzle (there’s a little tidbit for ya’ if you didn’t know that about me)!

It went dormant for several years, and then I brought it back in 2020 and had a whirlwind few sales (aka 5) of my Removing Acrylics from Home Guide ? Thanks to all the salons being shut, this is what prompted me to get back to natural nails and share the how-to of doing just that.

Since then, while I’ve had a good handful of things listed there, I’ve not put any attention to it, as it’s been more of a creative outlet for me than anything ?

BUT, this morning I woke up to a sale and it reminded me that I HAVE AN ETSY SHOP ? and I want to share it with you!

It’s designed for Successful Babes ?‍? who want to be role models, live their best life, and be well-versed in and prepared for life, hence the varied selection of products available.

Everything from home décor, to fitness, to lifestyle, and more! They’re all ? digital products that can be printed out and/or watched (some have video training with them).

My number one viewed item this year is the ? Suitcase Packing List for Travel and since travel is pretty open again, this may be of interest.

If you’re reading this and have been looking for a creative outlet, may I suggest Etsy? You may as well get paid to share what’s working for you ?

? It’s fun, easy, and totally worth a shot, in my opinion!