Y’all know how I am with my Vision Boards ? I want YOU to be able to enjoy yours thoroughly, too!

And if you’ve never made one, or you’re wanting a refresh or new approach, UNLOCK YOUR VISION is for you ?

I’ve put this whole bundle together to hook you up and set you up for a whole new year (that’s right around the corner) ?

ALL of this is included:

? Vision Boarding 101 – how to turn your dreams into reality
? Vision Boarding 101 Bonus Tips – how to make your vision board YOUR OWN
? Word of the Year – how to keep your focus in focus
? Visions and Dreams Questions to consider – It’s time to build your VISION and these prompts are meant to support you in coming up with a thorough list of things that light you up, that you’re excited to step into!

It’s a mixture of videos and written format, and there is room to write your answers if you decided to print it out (all conveniently designed to fit an 8.5″x11″ binder) ✨

I’m confident that you’ll be inspired, and there are ample practical steps in here, too, in case you’re also one to execute on your inspiration ?

I recommend grabbing this today, so you have time to create your vision board before 2023 is upon us ?

If you’re like me, you’ll want to kick off your new year with a fresh focus word (see my FB cover photo as an example), and a new vision board ?

You can grab it on Gumroad and on Etsy and it makes a great gift, if you’re looking for a creative way to bless someone!!