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Self Care

Sometimes, self care looks like this:▪🛁a midday bath (approx. 103° F)▪📚a book (“The Richest Man in Babylon” on Kindle)▪🕯a candle (Island Nectar)▪🐱a cat (Cashmere)▪🥤a crisp diet coke (Coca-Cola)This afternoon was one of those times for me. And boy oh boy was it delightful!.I’d like to …


Sunburn plus aloe vera

Yep. What we’re looking at here is a radical #sunburn 😳☀️🔥 Ain’t no undoing this. Yikes!.Yes, it hurts. And, yes, I used sunscreen. #SPF50. Waterproof. Sweatproof. But apparently it took the afternoon off while I was in Santa Monica 👎Not ideal, but there’s no going back..That’s life sometimes …