Balance. It’s a bit of a teeter totter, that little rascal.
Sporty // Feminine
Fearless // Logical
Joyful // Realistic
Unplugged // Tuned in
Caring for others // Caring for self
Loving // Grace-filled
Contributing // Resting
So many expectations put on us by ourselves and others. “Balance” is a dangerous goal. ? Aim for loving God first and loving others second (which by default will fill your cup) and watch how things shift ⬆️
There are so many people walking through so many things that we will never *ever* know about, much less understand! ? Be kind (even, and especially if, they’re not kind to you).
This is our reminder to love big, have grace, and not jump to conclusions about why someone is the way the are. Learn about them first. Lead with compassion. Love hard ?
And by golly, wear bright pink lipstick ? next time you workout, ladies! Dare I say it makes lifting a touch lighter ? #femininestrength ?