The worst of you is not the whole of you ?

I wouldn’t be able to do “The Fight” justice by summarizing it here, so I’ll start by recommending you listen to it RIGHT NOW ? and then I’ll share some thoughts and encouragement that it prompted for me!

Listen to “The Fight” on the Awaken Church app and be encouraged – How to win the fight without winning every round!

? It is never too late to make a change.
? You can always make a different choice.
? The worst of you is not the whole of you.
? Your past doesn’t have to be your future.
? Behavior doesn’t always reflect who you truly are.
? Plot twists are a real thing.
? Forgive yourself and others, and don’t hold onto grudges.
? Give grace to people.
? ALL of us mess up, and we’ve all hurt people.
? Character is developed through difficult times.
? None of us have the privilege of seeing every second of someone’s life to fully understand their experience.
? To judge based on what you see with your eyes is unwise.

Live from now, not from then. Amen.