The Gratitude challenge.

It goes as follows: answer every question this week by starting your response with “I’m grateful…” and finishing the sentence from there!

❓ Question: How are you today?
? Answer: I’m grateful that I woke up to sunny skies and got to have a hot shower first thing! Plus, there were 4 dogs that walked by when I went out to get my mail, and I got to say “hi” to each of them!

❓ Q: How’s the work project going?
? A: I’m grateful for the team we have, and our collective ability to keep things moving forward! It’s not without its hurdles, but we’ve been able to address each one and none of them are holding us back!

❓ Q: How’s your grandmother’s health?
? A: I’m grateful that she’s mentally still very alert, and we’re believing God to do a full miracle with her physical healing! We’re taking this time to share memories and learn more about her life while she’s awake. It’s been special.

❓ Q: How are you doing with that strained relationship?
? A: I’m grateful to have people who are helping me navigate through it. It’s definitely showing me areas of sensitivity that I can strengthen, and it’s certainly increasing my grit for difficult things!

❓ Q: How have things been since your dad passed away?
? A: I’m grateful that we had the time together that we did. And I’m so thankful we were able to have “the talk” and address all of the pain from my childhood. We were able to forgive each other and he passed in peace. That’s really helped me have peace since then. I certainly have my days, and am figuring out how to grieve well, but overall, I’m aware that things could be so much worse.

❓ Q: How’s that ____ (insert the most frustrating, hurtful, awful, terrible, cringy thing here) working out these days?
? A: I’m thankful that, with each passing day, I’m showing myself that I can still stand after horrific things. I can’t say it’s gotten any easier, but with each passing day I’m more determined to keep going, and further remove myself from the trauma. Thank you for caring enough to ask. I imagine that wasn’t easy or comfortable for you, and I appreciate that you were willing to go there with me.

Okay, so obviously don’t be the annoying person who answers EVERY question with this ?

❓ Q: Where are we at with that report?

? A: “I’m grateful that we have access to the necessary software blah blah blah…..”

It’s okay to just freaking answer the question like a normal person ?

This challenge is more meant to challenge you to find gratitude in EVERY circumstance. Even the ones that feel really, super hard!

I believe in you!!