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A Case for Grace

Growth and Grace 👏👏👏 God gave me this name back in 2016, and it’s been an ever-expanding foundation of how I live my life, with grace being especially front and center for me lately. Growth wasn’t a concept I was actively aware of and seeking …

Leadership Relationships

We’re all going through something

Every single person you interact with is actively going through something really hard, has walked through something really hard, or will be going through something really hard in their future. None of us escape hard things, and while we’re capable of going through them, it’s …


Celebrating in sadness

Feeling very #SPRING in this outfit on this May Day 💚💗💛.Loved getting to celebrate a beautiful bride-to-be today…and also gave myself the grace to be gentle when I felt some sadness coming on 😥 goodness knows that even though I’m thoroughly loving my life, I’m also excited …