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Goodbye, 2023 – Hello, 2024

As we wrap this year, and enjoy the last day of 2023, it seems fitting to share the last verse of the Bible – a beautiful proclamation for all to hear ???? “The grace of the Lord Jesus be with everyone. Amen.” -Revelation 22:21 May …


A Case for Grace

Growth and Grace ??? God gave me this name back in 2016, and it’s been an ever-expanding foundation of how I live my life, with grace being especially front and center for me lately. Growth wasn’t a concept I was actively aware of and seeking …


Celebrating in sadness

Feeling very #SPRING in this outfit on this May Day ???.Loved getting to celebrate a beautiful bride-to-be today…and also gave myself the grace to be gentle when I felt some sadness coming on ? goodness knows that even though I’m thoroughly loving my life, I’m also excited …