What’s a girl to do when she’s torn? Between multiple things, in multiple directions?

Being called here, yet drawn over there.

Being beckoned one way, but swept another.

She’s torn.

She wants to write. She wants to play.

She wants to leave. She wants to stay.

She wants it seemingly every-which-way.

She’s torn.

She wants her life to be like the purity of a feathery high note, lifting people into the heavens.

And she wants her life to exude the harmonic clash of “the devil’s chords” as she thrives in the vibrancy of living each moment to the fullest.

She wants the passion, and she wants the peace.

She wants the beauty, without the beast.

She craves the outdoors on a sunny day, and being in a nook, with a book, when the sun’s gone away.

She’s part hustle, part chill, part tomboy, part frill.

She wants silk and she wants satin.

She loves to listen to French, Italian, and Latin.

Let’s not forget her affinity for accents – Southern, Australian, and Irish gents.

She’s cheery and darling and caring and fun, and she’s fierce and she’s strong – trying not to come undone.

She’s torn.

When fabric is torn, it can be stitched back together – stronger at the seam than it had been originally.

When muscles are torn, it takes rest and therapy to bring them back to full strength.

When paper is torn, it can be glued or taped or stapled back together. Or, you can further its tearing and create celebration confetti!

But what about a girl? What’s a girl to do when she’s torn?

Tear hear. Tear there. Tear for you. Tear for me.

She chooses to make her life celebration confetti.

She lives.

She keeps breathing.

And while she breathes, she hopes.

She gets up again.

She turns all that spinning into dancing.

She leaves a smile wherever she goes.

And she always thanks the Lord for another day!

May your life be rich with tears, watered by tears, and flourishing with celebration confetti as you walk and run and dance through every moment!

Photo by this babe: Stephanie Driscoll McHenry
Makeup by this babe: Danece Van Soelen