✨“What a testimony to how you can’t outpace God.” ✨ she said, right after I shared with her that God consistently gives me so much content to speak on.

He’s constantly giving me ideas for books, workshops, blogs, talks, sermons, etc. and I capture them all in a google doc. It’s honestly a bit overwhelming ? I’m thankful…and sheesh! There aren’t enough days to cover it all.

? But I’m gonna do my darndest to share the wisdom God generously lavishes upon me!!

I recently did a 100 days of blogging after feeling prompted (still not really sure “why” but it was definitely great exercise for my discipline muscle!), and He was giving me at least one fresh idea every single day, sometimes 3-4!

❌ He truly has no limits. ❌ He has no scarcity. ❌ With God there is no end. “The dominion will be vast, and its prosperity will never end.” – Isaiah 9:7a

? You need 100 ideas for your daily blogging? Here’s 200+, my gift to you, with love!
? You want wisdom? Get ready for a windfall!
? You need provision? Watch and be in awe!

His hand does not fall short. “Look, the Lord’s power is enough to save you. He can hear you when you ask Him for help.” – Isaiah 59:1 ?

And, I believe the reason He consistently gives me new, fresh ideas is because I DO something with them ? I don’t just store them up. I steward them, build upon them, and share them.

? Hear
? Share
? Repeat

Is there something that feels lackluster, stalled, or totally stopped up in your life? Where can YOU create momentum to release the dam, so to speak?

Today’s the day!

? by Mei Lu