✨ Your talent and beauty are being out shadowed by your constant complaining ?

You’re drowning yourself in your own shadow ?

? “My life sucks. I’m so sick of it.”
? “God isn’t doing anything in my life right now.”
? “All I want to do is get married and have babies and I’m nowhere close to either of those things.”
? “I’m SO bored. With everything.”

If your life sucks, it’s on YOU to do something about it❕❕ The LAMEST waste of life is to wait for someone else to fix it. I lived for years in this deadened space, and it doesn’t get better until you get out!

God is so often moving behind the scenes, and if you’re not seeing something tangible that doesn’t mean He’s not doing anything. It means YOU are not seeing it ? I can totally see how that’s a really convenient excuse to sit on your a** and wait for someone else to take care of your ish though ?

I’m trying to think of any thriving couples I know where both spouses were only fueled by marriage and kids. I’m coming up blank ?‍♀️ Sure, those things are blessings, but if *that’s* what your happiness is resting on, then you will NEVER be truly happy.

If you’re bored, then freaking change something ? Do something new. Attempt a new activity. Try a new food. Put your pants on starting with the opposite leg first. ANYTHING.

You are talented, capable, beautiful, and POWERFUL, and if this post triggered you or pissed you off or has you thinking “? you have no @#$&*! idea what I’m going through!” then recognize there’s clearly something here for you!

If it didn’t trigger you, then you’re likely unbothered by how you’re living life, which can be such a great thing ? 

I KNOW how painfully irritating, frustrating, annoying, and debilitating it can be to be stuck in complaining mode, where all I do is talk about how much everything in my life sucks and how crappy things are ?

I also know the JOY and PEACE that come from swallowing my pride, shutting myself up, and praying into the blessings God has promised me ?

It’s available to you, but you HAVE to STOP COMPLAINING!!!! You have to. It’s an absolute must if you want to actually enjoy life ?