On this day, in 1976, my parents said “I do” in a homemade wedding dress and a blue polyester suit ??

Today is their 47th wedding anniversary ?

I called them to wish them happy anniversary, and they were out running errands together LOL!

Romance at its finest ?

But what I love about that is how real it is.

Errands don’t stop when you get married (in fact, I dare say they increase), and it’s the sweetest to me that they’re doing that together.

I love listening to them talk about each other, because it’s laced with honor, and there’s always a smile paired with rolling eyes if they bring up a silly habit the other has ?

It’s not lost on me that I have them as an example of a thriving marriage, and what it takes to last – even through really difficult times!

To some, it may be odd that a single woman has such a heart for marriage, but when you’ve seen something done exceptionally well, it can definitely awaken something within you.

I can remember rolling my eyes every time my parents kissed or showed affection to each other. “Ewwww ? Mom. Dad! Gross!!!” but those are some of my fondest memories now as an adult ?

They’re more in love now than ever, and after more than 50 years together (high school sweethearts, who married in college ?), that’s really saying something.

They did a beautiful job of protecting us kids from seeing the trying times – when maybe it would have been easier (in the moment) to choose to “fall out” of love – but they’ve stood the test of time, and gotten better with age ?

None of this is by accident.

✨ Intentional conversations
✨ Intentional time together
✨ Intentional forgiveness
✨ Intentional humility
✨ Intentional sacrifice
✨ Intentional laughter
✨ Intentional choices
✨ Intentional “us, together vs. the problem”
✨ Intentional assuming the best
✨ Intentional affection
✨ Intentional everything

It’s a legacy I am (transparently ?) intimidated to follow, but one I’m entirely grateful to have ?

Wishing a *very* Happy 47th anniversary to my parents ?

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Aren’t they SO CUTE?! I was the recipient of a surprise cheek kiss.