Gentlemen, this one’s for you. I went 2 stepping last weekend ? and was reminded of a few things (mostly related to dating ? but applicable elsewhere as well):

? It is SO appealing to have a man confidently approach and be clear with their intentions.

? LEAD US. If you’re going to invite us into something (i.e. onto the dance floor) then LEAD the way.

? Be kind when someone doesn’t know what you know. We’re not trying to annoy you or step on your feet. We simply don’t know the dance as well as you do.

??‍♀️ Don’t force yourself into someone’s space. Not everyone is as comfortable with you as you are with you ?

? There is no such things as breath that’s too minty fresh, but there is such thing as too much cologne ? One spritz into the air that you walk through is plenty. Especially when you’re in close quarters with people.

? Receive a “no, thank you” with grace. Tips can be found here.

? Have fun with it, and let it be an enjoyable experience. You’re asking us for one dance, you’re not proposing.

? Don’t assume that because we said “yes” to dance with you once that it’s an automatic “yes” to dance with you in the future. Keep being intentional and pursuing us, and trust that we will be clear and receptive in our response if we’re interested in dancing again.

?Don’t be weird or creepy. We may be willing to dance, but that doesn’t mean we want you pressing up against us or stalking us from across the room. Either approach us or leave us alone, but stop staring, and honor space if we’re not leaning heavily into you.

Huge THANK YOU to all the gentlemen I got to dance with in Austin. It was grand ?

*curtsy* until next time ?