Girls, I had a dream last night that I felt to share.

It was about some guy (no one I know in real life).

In this dream, he was everything douchey you can imagine ?

? playing the field – right in front of me
? totally self-absorbed
? proud of every notch on his bedpost
? treating women like a mere conquest


In my dream, I was aware that he was NOT a gentleman, and that he absolutely didn’t care at all for me, but I stayed ? Ick.

I stuck around because I didn’t have any self worth and didn’t believe there would be anyone who would treat me better ?

I woke up with such a burden for young ladies who are in this exact scenario, in real life.

?❗ GIRLS ❗?

Has this ever been you?

Is this you right now?!

Get OUT!

Get outta there!

You are WORTHY of a gentleman!

Notice I said a gentleman, not a perfect man. But certainly NOT a douche.

Girl, you *know* he’s not the one ❌
You *know* you need to leave ❌
You *know* that’s not God’s best for you ❌
You *know* it, and this is confirmation ✅

Life is SO much sweeter when you live with high standards and don’t allow energy leeches to suck you dry!

Go, be free!

Enjoy the peace that comes from not being duped by a douche!

P.S. I mean it. If you’re dating a douche, stop it! Right now. Dragging it out will only make it worse!!!!!!!!!