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But, would you move?

“Would you move for your husband?” It’s a question I’ve been asked before, but today I asked myself a different version: “If God told you that your husband didn’t live in San Diego, would you give up and tell Him “never mind – I guess …


He’s right around the corner, Part 2

Has that ever happened to you You’re gung ho on bringing something to reality, and then…resistance creeps in. Momentum slows down. Connection to your “why” lessens – it gets clouded. And before you know it, you’re no longer taking action towards that dream. Before you know …


He’s right around the corner, Part 1

 For YEARS I’ve had people tell me “He’s right around the corner.” “He’s on his way to you right now!” “I can see it happening, and it’s going to happen SOON!”.Frequently. Often. Usually at least once per week .Here’s the thing – it’s partly encouraging (because, hi! …