I wonder how often you let people in.

How often do you invite others into your story?

Whether you’re:

πŸ‘‰ asking for support

πŸ‘‰ sharing something from your life to encourage them

πŸ‘‰ offering them wisdom based on experience so they can avoid the pain you walked through

πŸ‘‰ welcoming them into your home

πŸ‘‰ or something else entirely

How often do you invite others into your story?

I received a beautiful message today from a gal who was reaching out for support. I could tell it was uncomfortable for her (who else has been there, too?! βœ‹) and I was SO PROUD of her for reaching out anyway!!

We are, in no way, designed to do life alone.

We need each other.

We’re created for connection and community!

It takes COURAGE.

🌟 Courage to face what’s not working.

🌟 Courage to admit you need help.

🌟 Courage to risk being let down.

🌟 Courage to speak up if you’ve been told all your life to be quiet.

🌟 Courage to be vulnerable.


What do you need to invite someone into today?

It’s time.

And I believe you have the courage you need to do so.

Fun picture by the one and onlyΒ Mei LuΒ