Hyping isn’t always helping

If you’re so keen on being a hype friend, then make sure you’re hyping the right things. 

❌ Don’t hype just because your friend is amped.

❌ Don’t hype just because you don’t want to be seen as a wet blanket.

❌ Don’t hype just because “it’s who you are.”

❌ Don’t hype just because everyone else is.

Use wisdom.

Not everything is hype-worthy ??‍♀️

Recently I’ve been a “temper” in response to a few different friends’ goings-on, and it’s not because I love doing that – it’s because I love them (and I can’t cheer on something that’s actually hurting them)!

Temper: “act as a neutralizing or counterbalancing force to (something)” or “tune (a piano or other instrument) so as to adjust the note intervals correctly.”

You have full reign to NOT be a hype friend if it’s not actually gonna help your friend.

Real friends don’t hype harm.

And real friends speak up if there’s something unhealthy going on.

Be a real friend!