Let’s talk about our exes for a moment. Shall we? And by talk about them, I mean CELEBRATE them!! (Plot twist, I know.)

What lessons did you learn through them? What strengths did you gain because of experiences with them? What healing have you had since your relationship ended?

Let me set the scene … a year and a half ago, my heart was completely shattered as the man I loved ended our relationship, seemingly out of the blue. I had our future planned out, and you can be sure that my happiness was dependent on him being in it! (Note: MY happiness is definitely NOT up to anyone else! Lesson learned.) After lots of prayers, an intensive leadership training, implementing what I learned, a move to San Diego, and time, my heart is healed. I don’t say this to brag, but rather to bring hope. If your heart is broken, or on the mend, find hope in this. There is ALWAYS a reason, and there’s ALWAYS a lesson that we can glean from our heartache. It may not be obvious in the initial devastation. It may not be obvious a month later. And it may never be blatantly obvious – you may have to seek it out. They beauty though is that we are promised in Matthew 7 that when we seek we shall find. So keep seeking. Keep asking for support. Keep going. And if you’re not sure what your next step is, may I recommend writing out a list of gratitude, addressed to your ex, for what you learned from and what you appreciate about them. I’d recommend only sending this to them once you’re heart is healed though – if it’s not yet, this can definitely be part of the healing process! Here’s what I sent my ex this weekend:

“Hi! Taking a moment of gratitude. In the vein of removing the stigma from depression, I’ve had the opportunity of sharing my story many times over the last year and a half, and you’re always a bright spot ? I’m so entirely thankful you had the courage to be so honest with me when ending our relationship. It was a huge wake up call and catalyst into my new life and I wouldn’t be experiencing everything I am now if it weren’t for you speaking that truth. Thank you – I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Hope you’re well!”

Trusting this can bring healing to your ?