I don’t even know what to make of this last week 🤷‍♀️
Last week held a lot for me:
💥So many things brought to the surface.
💥Things happened that literally changed my life
💥Multiple people came into my life that brought unexpected things up for me
💥I had to check my attitude on multiple occasions (felt triggered a lot)
💥My heart felt extreme peace and gratitude and excitement
💟 I’m feeling raw, exposed, and honestly a bit flustered. Or perhaps conflicted is the word? Or maybe contemplative is more fitting?
💋 I received multiple emails responding to my “dear diary” journal entries I’ve been sharing letting me know how much they resonate ❤
💝This warms my heart because I want people to know that:
🤗they’re not alone
🤗it’s safe to be vulnerable
🤗not everyone will understand, and that’s okay.
🤗their story is worth sharing
🤗every share helps something release (shame, guilt, unrealistic expectations, etc.) from you and others
🙈 I don’t have a “point” for this post beyond encouragement.
💯Life will continue to “life” all around you
💯People will come and go
💯Things change
💯Unexpected things will happen
💯Keep going
But, God 🙏 He is steady and unchanging:
💗Look to Him
💗Soak in His presence
💗Let Him lead
💗He always knows best
💗He has a salve for every wound and a celebration for every victory 🎉
💗He is FOR you
💞 He knows the thoughts He has towards you. He knows the plans He has for you. Plans to give you hope and a future! ~ Jeremiah 29:10-11