I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you need to STOP stalking your ex’s social media (…or their new girlfriend’s social media… or your new boyfriend’s ex’s social media) account(s) and keeping tabs on what they’re up to.


It is only making things convoluted and toxic in your mind and heart.

It’s either causing you to wish things were different (the dreaded “but what if” nonsense), or make you feel better about yourself because of how much you perceive that their life sucks now, or make you feel worse about yourself because they’ve moved on.

It’s keeping you STUCK in the PAST, and it’s time to MOVE ON!

If you occasionally “just take a quick peek” at their stories, or their posts, or their snaps, or their tweets, or their TikToks, or their blog posts, or their LinkedIn articles, or their WHATEVER, it’s not worth it.

Stop yourself before you get into the cycle.

Say out loud “It will not benefit me (or them) if I look at what they’re up to!” and then QUICKLY close out of that tab, or log out of that app, and block them everywhere if you need to help yourself.

It’s not healthy, and it’s not worth it, so STOP IT!

Let a friend know, if you need accountability (no shame in it) and want their help to truly be able to move on fully.

Sis, it’s time to let them go, completely!!

P.S. I’d like to add that this goes for any internet crushes that you have. They don’t know you, and it’s unhealthy to fantasize about the what-ifs…moreover, it’s distracting you from being present and actually meeting people in real life! Let them go!