😃 Tonight is PR PaRty Night 🥳  and I don’t mean anything related to Public Relations. Let me explain.

It quickly became a favorite night for me, and I want to let you in on what it is.

“PR” stands for:




This is a night where I invite 2-3 girlfriends over, and we praise, pray and prophesy together.

It’s really very simple. I open up my home, they bring themselves, and we go for it.

I have tea and atmosphere (soft lighting, 🎶worship music, etc.) and we just dive in once we’re all settled.

We open up in prayer, and praise as the music plays, and then when someone has a word / vision for someone else, they share it.

Then we pray on that and praise some more, and on we go throughout the evening.

It’s SO refreshing and fun!

✨ There are hugs.

✨ There are tears.

✨ There is encouragement.

✨ There is breakthrough.

✨ There are revelations.

✨ There are visions.

✨ There is peace.

✨ There is hope.

You can see why this became a quick favorite night of mine!

🌟 And, YOU can do it, too!

It was birthed out of something I was craving, so I set it up.


I didn’t wait for someone else to know what’s in my brain and make my wildest dreams come true.

I didn’t wait until I had the “perfect” space for this.

I didn’t wait and hope and cross my fingers that this would just “happen if it were meant to happen.”

I went for it. I designed it. I sent out invitations. I had people who couldn’t join and I risked extending invites even after I received a “no.”

Y’all, it’s not personal. Sometimes people have things scheduled outside of what YOU have going on. Get over it and get busy inviting others 🌝

Picture by the lovely @stephanieandjordan.ef and makeup by the lovely @danecerenae