Unpopular opinion … fruits of the spirit are SEXY

And one of the SEXIEST ones? Self control.

Yup, you heard it here first, folks!

Fruits of the spirit = sexy

All of them are, really. But today’s focus is self control.

Control yourself.

You’re the only one you CAN control (without being manipulative and villainish).

Self control. It’s relevant in literally every circumstance.

? Want to hit your goals? It takes self control to stay focused, and follow through – even when you don’t feel like it and it’s inconvenient.
? Want to have civil discourse with someone you don’t agree with, so you can learn from each other? It takes self control to not lose it when they bring up a point that really ruffles your feathers.
? Want to honor the woman you’re dating? It takes self control to keep it in your pants, even when you’re wildly attracted to each other. Save it for marriage.
? Want to earn respect from your colleagues? It takes self control to have a reign on your tongue, and not publicly barrage them, when your boss says or does something that’s less-than-kosher.

When you see someone operating in self control, and truly leading themselves in that way, it’s impressive.

God gives seed to the sower, but He literally gives us an entire fruit basket (the post-seed blessing).

I feel like people often look at the fruits of the spirit as some long list of things they have to do, but they’re literally GIFTS to ENHANCE your life!!

Galatians 5:22-23 shared with us what the fruits of the spirit are:

? Love
? Joy
? Peace
? Patience
? Kindness
? Goodness
? Faithfulness
? Gentleness
? Self Control

While all the fruits of the spirit are sexy (in my opinion), let’s all start operating with self control, and bring sexy back from there!!