I get to spend a lot of time with a lot of people, and I often get to pray with them, too????

You can imagine, I hear all sorts of prayer requests, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

But, I also hear a fair number of people say “I don’t really have anything. I’m good.” as they pass the metaphorical baton to the next person.

And it was recently that someone said that, when I was prompted with the thought “Hm. I wonder what they’re using their mustard seed of faith for?”

Every believer is given a measure of faith, but what are we using it for? ????

God started unfolding this vision for me, of what seeds of faith are for (planting, not holding onto), and where we’re supposed to plant them (in His hand). We’re meant to trust in HIM – not our circumstances, our job, our parents, our timing, etc.

He was showing me that when we speak FAITH, we’re planting those seeds in Him – rich soil that always produces fruit ✨ His word never returns void.

But when we’re complaining (instead of praying), it’s like we’re throwing our seeds of faith into toxic waste, which will destroy the seed – instead of planting it in good soil that will produce a harvest.

Sure, we’re talking about the thing we’re meaning to sow our seed of faith towards, but we’re not planting it in a place it can grow – we’re wasting our words and destroying the very thing we’re meaning to grow.

Today at Miracle Thursdays Women’s Prayer I said “I’ve definitely been convicted of this, and felt to share, so….conviction for everyone???? You’re welcome ????

Hoping it brings a fresh perspective, and proves useful in planting seeds for harvest, instead of feeding your faith to the sewer.

???? cheers to growth (and grace)!