I’ve shared before how God totally healed me of fear of earthquakes after I was caught in a nasty one up in WA a couple decades ago!

I went from total panic mode anytime something hinted at shaking or rumbling, to now not even noticing when we have had earthquakes here in CA. Wild. You can read the whole story here

And lo and behold, He did it again with being rear-ended.

For those who don’t know, while I was raised in a lovely Christian home, I hadn’t really personally experienced a MIRACLE until right after I had been rear ended in 2010. I was on my way to dinner with a couple of girlfriends when I came to a calm stop at a red light, and the lady behind me slammed into me at 25 MPH.

Needless to say, I was experiencing some pretty severe whiplash and excruciating pain. Unable to turn my neck at all, I could hardly turn my entire upper body in one motion because I was so stiff.

It was at my friends’ graduation party that her dear grandpa prayed for me and I was healed instantly, in prayer, never to have an ache or pain from that accident again. More on that here.

Then last night, I was almost rear ended by a bus. I had two of my dearest friends in the car with me, and we were (again) stopped at a red light, and in an instant we heard screeching (in the rain), and I glanced in my mirror to see a bus barreling down and swerving up onto the curb to avoid hitting us.

Thankfully, we were all safe and unharmed through the experience, but what was also super cool is that I realized how thoroughly God had healed me.

After I was rear ended in 2010, it was many, MANY months of tensing up anytime any car pulled up behind me at a stop light. I was gripped with fear that it would happen again, and I would wrestle with it at every red light and stop sign.

But after last night, I was instantly back to a place of calm and peace, and wasn’t bothered in the slightest. No adrenaline rush. No panic set in. No white knuckling the steering wheel. No cold sweats. Nothing. Cool as a cucumber, followed by an easy drive home and a peaceful night’s rest.

I’m constantly amazed at what God is doing in my life, and in others’ lives around me. Always healing. Always providing. Always bringing life to dead things.

He’s so good, and I’m so grateful to be reminded of what once was, so I can live in complete gratitude for what is now.