When the blue ocean fades into the gray sky, but it’s still warm enough for teal shorts and a sleeveless shirt ?

A beautiful day for a walk with a girlfriend ? We had a whirlwind 40 minutes together and we milked it ? Caught up on life, romance, business, and found a great little alcove from which to capture this view ? ?

I absolutely love where I live!! It’s beautiful all year round and the water is right here!! And yes, I do realize taxes and politics are crazy here (understatement ?) AND, God is bigger than all of it! Grateful for sure ?

When He’s who you turn to, all of this chaos seems a lot less threatening ? He’s the author of creation and spoke “Peace, be still” and even the winds obeyed Him. It is in HIM I trust ☝️ Not in our politics or government or tax system or any human venture. Times are NUTS, for sure. And, His love is the same yesterday, today, and forever. There is nothing He hasn’t already won the victory in – we just haven’t all caught up to His time frame yet ? Thank you, Jesus. Amen!

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