Same old same old.
Been there. Done that.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yawn ?
I’ve heard it all before.
Yada yada.

It can be so easy to dismiss that which we’ve already experienced, because, well, we’ve already experienced it.

I know I’ve been guilty of this when it comes to seeing God move in my life, or the lives of others. I’ve seen an untold number of miracles, and am always in awe of how He never does the exact same thing, and how miracles play out differently in everyone’s stories.

But sometimes I either get so used to something being broken that I’ve simply learned to compensate for it instead of believing God for more, or I only believe God for what I’ve seen Him do in the past and don’t really leave room for Him to do something NEW.

When people in the Bible needed fresh drinking water and there was none to be found, God moved.

? In one case, they dug for wells and found water springing up from the ground.
? In another case, they struck a rock and water came out of it.
? In yet another case, there was ample water, but it was bitter, until they threw a specific type of wood in it and it became drinkable.

Each of these are wildly different, completely miraculous, and great examples of what it can look like to partner with God in a miracle!

This isn’t even mentioning the fact that salt water goes through a cycle and rains down fresh for us on the regular. That is absurdly cool, and God designed it so.

God is unlimited in His resources and His creativity, and He is more than willing and wanting to do miracles in your life. Crazy ones. Ones that only He can do. Ones that are above and beyond anything you can think or imagine.

Are you open to that?

Are you willing to see the new thing that God can do with the same old same old?

Look for the miracle potential and partner with God as He does His thing!

Be willing to let God do the impossible in your life. He can ?