Dear, Cowboy ?

Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

✅Do you like mashed potatoes? Same. #TeamCarbs
✅How about puppies? Oh my gosh, me, too!! ? (and ALL animals, really – especially including my sweet Cashmere ?)
✅Jesus? HIGH FIVE! ?
✅Being active, with a balance of nights in? Ummm – we’re basically the same person!
✅Sharing food? Kidding! LOL – don’t worry ? Me neither. I mean, we’re polite, so we’ll offer – but let’s just agree to order two plates, because we know better ?
✅Watching sports? How convenient – I love to go antiquing ⏳ so we can each do what we love at the same time, separately, and eat dinner together later ???? Although, if you’re up for snuggling ?‍❤️‍?‍? I will happily sit and enjoy you enjoying them!
✅Cooking? Sooo, about that…..I’m pretty good at ordering food ?‍♀️ Or eggs – I can cook a variety of eggs really well. #SelfTaught?
✅Kids? Aww – let’s have a conversation about this!

? Let’s see – aside from all the things we’ll learn on our first date, and the multitude of revelations we’ll uncover during our lifetime together ?? this pretty much sums it up!

⚠️Oh, wait – nope. I almost forgot. Do you have any ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️single brothers? Asking for some friends – we think it’d be pretty cool to be actual, official sisters ? They’re legit, so you can let your brother’s know they’ll be getting quality (funny, intelligent, loving, gorgeous, talented, generous, etc…)!

? You already have my heart, and I’m beyond excited to meet you ?

XO ??

?William Burdine